Your stay

Your stay

Chateau de Chenonceau    Repos au bord de la pièce d'eau    Table d'hôtes

Do you want to discover ?

Ideally situated in the heart of the Loire Valley Castles area,  the Moulin du Fief Gentil is an unique place for visiting around. Gorgeous castles, churches coiled within authentic villages, secret gardens covered with flowers, vineyards on hillsides as far as the eye can see, unique light of the Loire, you will taste in a soft and green nature all the pleasures of the “Jardin de la France”.

Do you want to relax ?

Lying in a deckchair, at the table by the edge of the pond or sitting comfortably in the lounge, you can relax after your day.

Do you want to have a great time ?

Enjoy having the dinner at the table d’hôtes. Local products cooked by your hostess and regional wines, sharing the meal with your hosts and the other guests in a relaxed atmosphere, everything contributes to a moment of unforgettable conviviality!

You are staying in a building with a long story.

The first references to the Moulin de Culoison (former name of the mill) date from March 1250 when Robert Marques, lord of Chenonceau, gave the mill to Simon de la Tour. Culoison was then part of a domain called “Le Fief Gentil”. The existing mill dates from the 16th century, rebuilt after a fire.The original walls forming the bedrock are still standing. The upper floors were probably built with wood. They were rebuilt with « tuffeau », the stone of the Loire Valley, and related buildings were added during the seventeenth century.After this period, information becomes scarce and we find details in the 20th century. The mill operated until after the Second World War when it operated as a farm and then abandoned around 1980. Renovations have been undertaken since 1990 to offer you today an authentic environment where you will find all modern comfort.